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Garbage Truck / January 13, 2015

Not to be confused with Series A - Trash Truck, a heist setup found in GTA Online.

Trash Truck

Trash Truck is one of the four missions in that the player must complete in preparation for Blitz Play. The mission can be conducted using any of the protagonists: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips.


As Michael, Franklin, or Trevor, the player tracks down a garbage truck. The truck is moving, and can generally be found in the La Mesa or East Vinewood areas of Los Santos. After stealing the truck, the player must return it to the FIB warehouse in El Burro Heights. Before doing so, however, the player must deal with a two-star wanted level. The mission ends once the truck has been delivered. The player could also use the cheat code to spawn in a Trashmaster. Chances are the player may also find one right after the cutscene, and getting into one will trigger the mission, once the phone call ends. This, however, will prevent the top speed gold medal objective.

Mission Objectives

Steal the garbage truck Lose the cops

Gold Medal Objectives

Time - Complete within 5:00. Undented - Deliver the Trashmaster with no damage. The truck must be in perfect condition to earn this objective. In The Dust - Reach top speed in the Trashmaster. Easily achievable with Franklin's ability.

Source: gta.wikia.com