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Garbage truck drivers

Garbage Truck / August 31, 2019

Garbage truck drivers are responsible for picking up trash from residential and commercial locations, often with mechanical arms of trucks which scoop up garbage and unload it into the truck. These mechanical arms are operated by the driver, so prior experience with similar machinery is highly beneficial. Some jobs are more physically demanding than others, such as when garbage must be loaded manually rather than with machinery.

Pushing, lifting, and pulling heavy trash cans are necessary on a regular basis, so some jobs may have minimum physical requirements. There may occasionally be harsh weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat may be present, so the driver will work with other garbage collectors to complete the job. In positions which work closely with other garbage collectors, teamwork is essential to meet all deadlines.

Some interaction with customers may occur, and customers may occasionally have complaints which must be addressed, in which case the truck driver will need to respond in a courteous manner and attempt to resolve the issue. The driver may also be in charge of collecting recycling, which may be done on different days. Almost all employers require those in this position to possess a valid driver's license at the time of application.

Garbage Truck Driver Tasks

  • Drive truck along designated route, operating lifting devices to collect trash.
  • Conduct inspections and maintain truck and equipment to ensure safe, reliable use.