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Bruder Orange Garbage truck

Garbage Truck / November 1, 2013

By E. MacCarthy -

My 4 year old son loves this truck! The only problems we have had with it so far is he put sand in the back of the truck, which the directions clearly say NOT to do, and it partially jammed the mechanism for the compact gate that pulls "trash" into the back compartment.I put mineral oil in the suggested locations, after trying to rinse the sand away with water, which worked great. A few days later though we noticed that the sticker that displays the position of the gate had come off, and jammed the gate mechanism. I pulled the sticker out with a pair of needle nose pliers and everything is working great.

Don't be dismayed by the cost of the truck, the parts and construction are of the highest quality that I have seen so far in a child's toy. I am no longer going to buy my son toy trucks from other brands, Bruder is the best. The 5 or 6 trucks that I would have bought from the brand names that I grew up with, which probably would have failed after some light use, pale in comparison to this toy.

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By Carol -

It's his favorite of all the toys he received for his 3rd birthday. He loves to fill it with paper shreds and operate the compacting dial to push it inside just like the video shows. It's a very sturdy and well-made garbage truck with authentic details. We also purchased the light and sound module and 2 figures. Disappointed that there is no way to attach one of the workers to ride on the platform on the back of the truck, but our grandson is OK with both of them riding in the cab together. It's a little tricky to fit one in the driver's seat, but it can be done. Supposed to be able to see the truck's engine, but have not figured out how to do that yet. (No instructions or pictures on the box to help)

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By Jennifer Bailey -

This toy is great. My son is in heaven playing with this toy. He loves that it has actual working features. I did find that when you go to dump the trash, if you pull it all the way back, it does sometimes stick and is really hard for him to push it back down. I had to do it for him and I was worried I was going to break the toy. He has had so much fun playing with this and the other Bruder toys he has. The are larger then other vehicles he has gotten - which becomes a space problem, but they are made very well and have true to real life features. After playing with this toy, he has added a ton more Bruder vehicles to his wish list.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpfulReally Nice Truck! Use Felt Stripes for Trash Instead of Paper. -

My son loves this garbage truck! I can see how other reviewers had problems with the compacting mechanism as it does seem pretty flimsy. The first day I just told my son that this truck cannot have toys or other hard things placed in it as that could break it. He has had it for several months now and plays with it everyday and it is still running strong. At first we used shredded paper which was an absolute mess. My wife found some felt and cut that into stripes about 5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide and that works great. The felt is extremely easy to clean up and my son loves it as well. I would highly recommend this truck as the compacting mechanism is really cool even for me as an adult.