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Garbage Service / November 19, 2019

You New Recycling Program is Here!Sort, Roll and Go
It's Easy!

Pleasanton has joined Alameda County cities in adopting a number of new recycling programs, including meeting a countywide waste diversion target of 75% by 2010. To meet this target, the Pleasanton City Council approved a new residential curbside recycling program that replaces the current blue bag program with a separate collection cart for recyclable materials.

For the new residential curbside recycling program to be effective, residents are asked to actively participate by sorting recyclable material at home. Since all material placed in the trash cart will be landfilled, your participation in the recycling program is key. Fortunately, it's easy to keep all recyclable material out of the trash cart.

Remember, sort, roll and go—it's easy!

If you have questions regarding this new program, contact Pleasanton Garbage Service at (925) 846-2042. To access the most up-to-date information about recycling programs in Pleasanton, visit .

Pleasanton residents are provided with either a 35-gallon or 90 gallon automated cart. Service is provided on a weekly basis, Monday through Friday, except for Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Please do not place dirt, rock or toxic materials in your cart. If you have extra trash you need picked up, please call us one business day in advance so we may notify the driver.

Your cart must be out the night before your scheduled pickup. Please place your cart at the curb edge with at least three feet clearance from other objects such as motor vehicles, basketball hoops or trees.

Each household is provided with a 96-gallon cart and service is provided on a weekly basis. The Green Waste Recycling Program accepts all types of green waste including grass and weed clippings, shrub and tree prunings, leaves, plants, flowers, food scraps and food soiled paper. Please no household garbage, rocks, dirt or plastic bags in the cart. The green waste is picked up and delivered to a compost facility permitted to handle such material.