Crockett garbage service

Garbage Service / October 26, 2019

Materials Recycled and/or Reused:
Glass This vendor handles:

Beer Bottles Bottles - Glass: CRV Bottles - Glass: Non-CRV Glass Bottles: CRV Glass Bottles: Non-CRV

Hazardous Material This vendor handles:

Motor Oil (Free kits available, call for details. Maximum of 2 gallons per collection.) Oil Filters (After removing the filter, drain the oil into the plastic container for recycling. Place the used filter in a heavy sealable plastic bag, such as a Ziploc freezer bag. Then place the sealed bag next to your recycling bin on the day of collection.)

Metal This vendor handles:

Aerosol Cans: Empty Aluminum Cans: CRV Aluminum Cans: Non-CRV Aluminum Foil & Pans Bi-Metal: CRV Bi-Metal: Non-CRV Spray Cans: Empty Tin Cans

Organics This vendor handles:

Christmas Trees (Natural trees only - flocked trees can’t be recycled.) Grass Clippings (Place in green waste/yard debris cart.) Leaves (Place in green waste/yard debris cart.) Sawdust (Place in green waste/yard debris cart.) Straw/Hay (Place in green waste/yard debris cart.) Wood Debris: Untreated (Place in green waste/yard debris cart.) Wood Scraps: Untreated (Place in green waste/yard debris cart.) Yard Trimmings (Place in green waste/yard debris cart. No palm, ivy or bamboo clippings.)

Paper This vendor handles:

Cardboard Catalogues / Magazines Cereal Boxes Chipboard Envelopes - Reuse (Envelopes not suitable for reuse can be recycled with your mixed paper.) Junk Mail - Recycle Magazines - Recycle Newspaper Paper Bags: Grocery / Kraft Paper: Computer Paper: Mixed Paper: White Paperboard Telephone Books

Plastic This vendor handles:

#1 PETE Bottles: CRV #1 PETE Bottles: Non-CRV (Narrow-neck Only) #1-#7 Narrow-neck Bottles (# 1 & # 2 Only) #2 HDPE Bottles: CRV #2 HDPE Bottles: Non-CRV (Narrow-neck Only) Bottles - Plastic: CRV Bottles - Plastic: Non-CRV (Narrow-neck # 1 & # 2 Only) Milk Jugs: #2 HDPE Plastic Bottles Narrow-neck: #1-#7 (# 1 & # 2 Only) Plastic Bottles: CRV Plastic Bottles: Non-CRV (Narrow-neck # 1 & # 2 Only) Water Bottles: #1 PETE - CRV Water Jugs: #2 HDPE

Special Materials This vendor handles:

Beverage Containers: Mixed