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Albany Oregon garbage Services

Garbage Service / March 1, 2019

albany blue recycling binDo we need a little more of push to recycle?

By Elisabeth Draper

For the past four years I have watched one family in my neighborhood put out more trash bags in one week than I thought possible. On average, they have at least five bags of trash every week and no recycling bins. Through the clear trash bags I can see metal cans, plastics, and cardboard. This drives me bananas.


Well, mostly because the city of Albany provides trash pick-up and recycling at no additional cost to homeowners. In the suburbs, most folks pay for trash pick-up, but in Albany, it's free. Well, sort of - the cost is figured into municipal taxes. In addition to their trash and recycling pick-up, Albanians are provided with recycling bins for paper, cardboard, cans, glass, and plastics - all plastics (1-7). That's a huge bonus - not all municipalities recycle all plastics.

Perhaps this is why my neighbor's behavior drives me so batty; all they have to do is separate their recycling. But recycling isn't required in Albany. So, other than your own conscience, there's no incentive.

Just so we're clear, I'm not stalking these folks, but anyone who owns a dog or walks in their neighborhood regularly is likely to observe the goings-on there; and since this has been going on for a while, I think we need to change things up.

Albany is a trashy town. To be fair, our whole region is - but that's largely our own fault. To say the Albany's landfill issues are a contentious topic would be a major understatement. Trash is a major revenue source for the city of Albany, but it's an unsustainable one. According to Albany's comprehensive plan, the city-owned landfill is expected to be at capacity by 2016. That's not a lot of time for the Capital Region Recycling Partnership, the committee made up of reps from Albany and 14 other Capital Region municipalities, to improve their waste reduction and sustainability plans.