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Garbage collection in Hamilton

Garbage Man / January 14, 2017

Wednesday:Weekly collection of garbage and recyclable materials including yard waste.

Special Item Collection: Refuse items including furniture, mattresses, appliances, tires with rims removed can be collected upon request. Call the Town Office with information about the type, size and number of items that need to be picked up to schedule.

Recycling: Single Stream Recycling, which we offer to all areas of service, is a process that allows consumers the freedom of putting all of their recyclables into the same collection receptacle, without having to sort based on the type of recyclable material. Both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle the mixture of recyclable material.

American Disposal Services picks up your collected recyclables with a designated recycling truck and hauls them to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The recycled material load is deposited at the MRF and then enters the sorting process. The materials are screened and separated by various manual and mechanical means. Once sorted by material type, the recycled materials are collected by a third party to be reprocessed and remanufactured into new, reusable products.

The benefits…

  • It’s easy-no need to source separate materials
  • Increase in volume of recyclable materials collected
  • Reduction of waste entering landfills
  • Reduction of disposal fees
  • Community cleanliness with covered recycling receptacles

Loudoun County Waste Disposal Services

Sanitary Landfill: The Loudoun County sanitary landfill is located four miles south of Leesburg. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:00AM to 4:00PM. The landfill accepts household refuse, construction debris, tires, yard waste, and scrap metal (fee services). In addition to these services, the landfill provides free disposal of certain household recyclables, used motor oil, anti-freeze, and auto batteries.

Directions: From Leesburg, follow Route 15 South past the Leesburg bypass, make left at traffic light about a quarter mile south onto Evergreen Mills Road. Follow Evergreen Mills Road Approximately 4 miles. The landfill will be on your right – look for blue “sanitary landfill” signs. (703) 771-5500

Source: www.town.hamilton.va.us