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Garbage collection companies

Garbage Man / October 25, 2016

State law requires all Minnetonka residents and businesses to have proper refuse disposal with weekly garbage collection service for homes. Minnetonka has an open hauling refuse system which means that residents and businesses contract directly with one of the licensed companies offering garbage and yardwaste collection.

Below you can learn about residential refuse haulers, including information on collection days, container storage, organics collection, volume and yardwaste disposal options, and disposal of special items, including household hazardous waste and building materials.

Volume options

Haulers must offer at least three levels of service based on volume: usually called one, two or three can service or 30, 45–60 or 95 gallon wheeled carts.

Yard waste collection

Garbage haulers are required to provide separate curbside collection of yardwaste during the growing season.

Yard waste includes leaves, bundles of branches, grass clippings, garden plants and weeds.

Haulers may charge extra for yardwaste collection: the rates vary by company, as does the service level you may select. Several of the haulers have an annual fee to pickup yard waste from your curb mid April through November. Please check with your hauler for details.

Buildings Material Disposal

There are several options available to dispose of building construction materials, but there are fees for many of these services. Options include:

  • Your garbage hauler
  • A roll-off container (see Garbage in yellow pages)
  • A drop-off site:
  • Waste Management North Transfer Station, 8510 Zachary Lane, Maple Grove, 763.425.3218
  • A demolition/construction landfill (see Landfills in the yellow pages).
  • For concrete or asphalt disposal, Midwest Asphalt, 6401 Industrial Drive, Eden Prairie, 952.937.8033.
  • Questions?

    If you have questions about garbage, recycling, household hazardous waste or other areas relating to garbage, please call Minnetonka Public Works at 952.988.8400.